The Best Macrame Cushion Cover

At the Macrame Man, we make our macramé cushion covers from 100% cotton. All our products are handmade to ensure they are of the highest quality possible. However, you may notice some variations to the delivered products, as we do not use machines to churn out our macramé.

The Macrame Man started with a stall at the Gillies Street Markets in Wayvile, South Australia. Currently, we are a home-based business based in Adelaide. We offer the highest quality handmade macramé products you will love to own. We have dependable customer care services and offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee if you do not love our product.

Since we are a home business, we will ship your macramé products within 24 to 48 hours. Australia Post and other couriers have advised of significant delays, so you can rest assured that you will receive your order within this time. Call us today to place your order.

Macrame Cushion Cover
Macrame Cushion Cover

Locally Made Macrame Cushion Cover

All our macramé cushion covers are made right here in Adelaide, South Australia and Victoria. We do not drop-ship. Our cushion covers are ideal for sprucing up your living room, bedroom, armchairs, and even outdoor furniture. The cushion covers come in a range of patterns, designs and will create a shabby chic look in your home. Our cushion covers are either neutral whites or cream, meaning they can complement any room and colour scheme.

Nothing makes us happy than knowing that our simple Boho cushion covers can transform a cold and uninviting room into a warm and stylish space. Macrame products were a rage back in the 70s, but they are making a comeback. Our products are a magnificent addition to your home, adding texture and giving it a vintage feel that goes well with modern living. Let us help you add more personality to your home.

Our Macrame Cushion Covers Are the Perfect Gift!

Thanks to our never-ending inspiration, we have the best macramé cushion cover. Our high level of craftsmanship will meet and exceed your expectations, so we doubt you will use the money-back guarantee that we offer. Besides being an excellent addition to your home, our macramé cushion covers are also a great gift you can purchase for your loved ones. We understand that everything you do needs to be on a budget, and that is why we offer our products at competitive market prices.

Our customer services are unmatched, and we will answer all your questions. If you leave a message, we will call you within a few hours to address your needs. Whether you are buying a macramé cushion cover to spruce your bed or gift your friend, high quality and outstanding macramé cushion covers from The Macrame Man are the way to go.

Macrame Cushion Cover

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