Functional Macrame Pot Hanger

Our team at The Macramé Man handcraft all our beautiful macramé pot hangers. Our company began with a stool at the Gillies Street Markets in Wayville, South Australia. Currently, we are based in Adelaide but serve national clients. We are a family and home business and provide macramé products that you will love. At The Macramé Man, we take care of our clients and that is why we offer fast and free delivery within Australia.

Although Australia Post and other couriers have advised of significant delivery delays, you can rest assured that your product will reach you within 24 to 48 hours after purchasing. We are also honest with our business dealings. As such, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with our product. However, we doubt you will use this offer because we are sure that you will love our craftsmanship.

Macramé Pot Hanger
Macramé Pot Hanger

Quality and Durable Macramé Pot Hanger

If you’re looking for an excellent gift for your friend, consider our macramé pot hanger. Macramé is an old-time art, during which most people decorated their homes with beautiful wall hangings and cute planters. Modern macramé is almost everywhere, from market bags to jewellery pieces. Combined with natural elements like crystals and shells, the modern macramé is here to stay.

If you have a passion for DIY projects, macramé can be perfect for you. You only have to start slow, learn the basic knots and you will realise how quickly you pick it up. Ensure you use good quality cotton rope and be patient with yourself. Keep the rope’s tension even and challenge yourself by learning new knots as you continue growing your skills. Contact us today if you want to spruce up your home with these gorgeous items.

Delivering Beautiful Macramé Pot Hanger

At Macramé Man, we offer our macramé pot hangers at competitive prices. We also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. If you have a question about any of our products, email us and we will call you back within a few hours. We care about people and that is why we are quick to respond. Macramé provides us with an opportunity to create several pot hanger designs using different knotting techniques. Our pot hangers also allow you to decorate your home without sacrificing your floor space. They can be hung in your living room, hallway, bedroom, and outdoors. Our pot hangers also come in different sizes and shapes.

Macramé products add a different texture to your home, giving it a vintage, boho feel that go well with modern houses. We make all our products from 100% cotton and they are chemical-free, strong and durable.

Macramé Pot Hanger

Call The Macramé Man to get the best macramé pot hanger. If you want to know more about our other products, we’d be happy to chat with you!

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