About Our Macrame Pot Holder

The first thing you should do after purchasing a beautiful plant is to get a macramé pot holder. The Macramé Man is a family home-based business in Adelaide. Our macramé pot holders are of the highest quality Australia has to offer. However, there may be some variations to the delivered products because we do not use machines to churn out our macramé.

We also have dependable customer service. If you call us and leave a message on our voicemail, we will call you back within a few hours. The Macrame Man also offers a money-back guarantee if you return any of our products. However, we doubt you use the service because we guarantee that you will fall in love with our workmanship. Whether you are purchasing a macramé product for yourself, a loved one or celebrating a special occasion, we are the team for you. Contact us during business hours for the best services.

Macrame Pot Holder
Macrame Pot Holder

Spruce Up Your Home With Our Macrame Pot Holder

Our macramé pot holders are made right here in Australia since we do not drop-ship. However, note that our pot holders do not come with plants or pots. Since we are a home business, we will ship your purchase within 24-48 hours. Australia Post and other couriers have advised of significant delivery delays. As such, we assure you that your delivery will reach you within this time frame.

We understand that most people have trouble fitting in all the plant pots when bringing nature inside. Our macramé pot holders will save your floor space since you can hang them anywhere around your home. You can hang them in your living room, hallways and even your kitchen. Our pot hangers come in all sizes and shapes and you can easily fit any flower pot. We also have jute cord plant hangers that add more flair and a unique bohemian feel.

Stylish Macrame Pot Holder

Macramé products are slowly making a comeback and macramé pot holders are the most popular item. Our pot hangers are great gift ideas and we offer them at competitive prices.

A good reason to use macramé pot holders is that they come with a number of benefits. Plants provide several health benefits besides being popular for home decorations. They emit oxygen, absorb toxins and clean up the VOCs emitted by plastic. As such, buying macramé pot holders or gifting them to friends encourages indoor plant growth. What more thoughtful way to encourage healthy living than using modern macramé pot holders?

You can also select a pot holder with a unique design that complements your style and home décor. Macrame pot holders are also a great way to showcase your plants. Leafy, trailing vines can sometimes get overshadowed in a grouping. You can solve this problem with a little imagination.

Macrame Pot Holder

Contact our friendly team at The Macrame Man today for some macramé pot holders and arrange your plants for all to admire!

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