Spruce up your living room, bedrooms, armchairs and even outdoor furniture with one of our macrame cushion covers! Available in a range of patterns and designs, our quality macrame cushions are perfect for creating a shabby chic look in your home. Macrame cushions with tassel details or intricate knotting, 100% cotton and handmade.Natural macrame cushions are effortlessly boho and make for a stunning addition to any home. Our cushion covers come in neutral whites and creams, meaning they can compliment any room and any colour scheme.Made to feature intricate design elements and patterns, a macrame cushion cover is a work of art. It gives our family run business such joy to think that something as simple as a boho cushion can transform a cold and uninviting space into something warm and stylish. Whether you’re looking for a white macrame cushion to take pride of place on your bed, or perhaps a cream macrame cushion to spruce up an outdoor living space, high quality and stunning macrame cushion covers from The Macrame Man are the way to go.

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